~Easter Wishes~

Hi everyone! I've pre-scheduled this post, so as you read this, I'll already be on my way home for the weekend! I actually created this card a little while ago, and took it to the shop. I was lucky enough to show it off to a couple of customers while it was hanging around there...I promised I'd have the card up on my blog for them, and then last night I popped into the store quickly and all I heard was..."I checked your blog...And I couldn't find your card!"
Ooooops. What can I say? Better late than never I guess :) So Gwen, this is for you!

Okie dokie, now that it's up, I guess I better give you a run-down of what I did. So here's a close-up shot of all the yummy Prima goodness on this card...I used beautiful Prima flowers, chipboard alphas and a beautiful Jack and Jill journalling card...

I added bits of white crackle paint to the flowers and the leaves...I love how the leaves release their color when painted on...It turns them into this lovely soft, lime-a-licious green...So perfect for spring!

Another close up...This one shows the 'grass' at the bottom of the card. It started out as straight grass, and ended up curly...Hmmm...Wonder how that happens? I can't be the only one who can't always create what's envisioned in my mind...right?
Anywho, the 'grass' is simply strips of cardstock that were cut and curled, and then glued down to the base of the card...

And here's an even closer up, close-up... :)

And another top down shot just to show you what I did with the foam egg.. I first painted the egg with a cream-colored craft paint, then glimmered a very fine mist of light pinks and soft orange tones (I used Chalkboard Glimmer Mist from Tattered Angels - love the opaque-ness of this stuff!), and then I speckled some black paint to give the eggs a bit more realistic look. Oh and I forgot to mention that I cut the egg in half before I did all of the above...And just a quick tip, be sure to use a SHARP knife when you do this...And be careful! I used a dull one...Quite the scene, I'm telling ya...Not only did I have foamies floating all over the place...But I somehow managed to cut myself too! No pain no gain, I suppose.

Anywho, I have another Easter card coming up soon...Will be back to share once I get back to my computer! Until then - Wishing you all happy weekend!



  1. OMG, this card is amazing! I love all the details and love you put in it. So fabulous!

  2. wow this is so beautiful! stunning!!! happy easter! hugs!

  3. wow !wow! and wow! I loveeee it!

  4. Amazing card, Ivana! Looks fabulous with all the pretty details!!!! Happy Easter! Hugs ~Gerry~

  5. OMGosh, how beautiful Ivana! Wowsers! I've got my nose glued to the screen!

    I hope you have safe travels and a blessed Easter!


  6. Ivana I love this easter card it is one of my favorites, I think I have the same color palate as you I love the soft colors and all the details.Thanks for letting me know about this site.


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