Christmas Banner

I've finally completed my latest project....A shabby, Noel banner for the housey :) 
I've looked many times for such a banner at local stores, and never had much luck in finding one...Figured it was best to dive into the project myself, as I could then make it exactly the way I had envisioned it...

I knew I wanted pale, shabby colors...And a good dose of glittery goodness...
I used this aaaaaaamazing Basic Grey paper, and a lots of chunky, vintage glitter for these alphas that have been in my stash for as long as I can remember :) They started out black, but with a touch of glue and lots of glorious glitter...They have been revived!
There's nothing quite like a good re-purpose :)

I added a few chunky buttons, and some vintage note paper...And the rest of the banner practically put itself together.
Ha who am I kidding?
I wish it was that easy!

Actually, it was quite a laborious (I really hope that that's a real word) procedure.... 
Between the 'shredded' paper flowers, and coffee filter blooms...It was quite a feat by the time all the pieces were ready to be assembled.

I also wanted to incorporate a bit of texture...Which I added to this banner with this netting fabric I had picked up a while back. 
I can still remember the look on the fabric store lady's face who must have thought I was mad for purchasing this odd-looking netting...
She gave me the 'what in the world will you ever do with this' look...And wasn't shy about it either!
Probably thinking that I was nothing more than a confused girl, hoping to sew a homely sweater out of the gawdy fabric that has been on their shelves since the 1800's...

I am not going to lie - her suspicious and judgmental looks  might have had something to do with the fact that I only bought half as much of the fabric I originally intended to...
Now that I look back, I wish I had bought the entire roll.
Since that fateful trip, I have never been able to find something similar to this material elsewhere...

It's a lot more pliable than burlap and it feels a lot softer too. I love the loosely netted look.
 Oh how I wish I had piles and piles of it left! 

I thought I'd immortalize it in this banner so that even when it has dissappeared from my stash, I'll always have a small reminder remaining. 
I have really grown fond of this fabric...Who would have thought?

Anyway, enough about my love affair with my beloved textile...I bet you just want to see the finished project.
So here it is! Our newest Christmas decor addition!

Next up on the project list - a handmade tree skirt!

Happy December everyone!



  1. Your banner is gorgeous!!! Love it! Happy December to you, too!

  2. Very very gorgeous,love all the little details and your fabric story made me laugh!

  3. This is breathtaking. AMAZING work. WOW!

  4. This is stunning!!! I think I need to just borrow yours so I don't even have to make a sad attempt at a christmas banner, hehehe! Thank you so much!


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