Sharing the Love - A Button Giveaway!

~A Day to Feel and Share the Love~

Ever have one of those days, that is perfect in every way? It's so perfect, in fact, that you remember it for as long as possible, and every time you think of it, you can't help but smile like a wee little kid in a candy wonderland...? 

I had that day. Today. :) 

If you asked me to explain just what made it so wonderful...I don't think I could tell you. Maybe it was the sun this morning, or waking up to chirping birds...Or the wonderful phone conversation with a dear friend...Maybe it was the lovely service I received - perhaps one of the best I've ever had from a call center - while trying to resolve an issue with our espresso machine...Or maybe, the warm feeling that I got as I read a few of the loveliest and most kind-hearted comments from my dear readers.

Thank you, (Fi, Fran, Cayla, Evgenia, Asia, Zokie, Ros, Jinny, Tanya, DonnaGrace, Becky, Romy, RebekahLisa) and EVERYONE who takes time to leave a warm thought about my posts, and thank you, Karen for your continued sweet words - your kindness always brings a smile to face! Melissa, reading your comment gave me a feeling which I can only describe with a huge, childish :) ! It's not that often that someone you idolize, takes time to visit your tiny little blog and leave such kind words of support and love. Thank you. From the bottom of my heart. 

You see, I don't often read my own blog comments as I publish them...I let a few pile up, and then I sit down when I have time to fully read each kind word, to process and feel all the love that you all so kindly leave for me each day. 

It is my way of taking time to appreciate each and every one who takes the time to visit my little blog and leave such heartwarming comments.  Today, all of your love has inspired my soul and warmed my heart.

Comments are not the only thing I am grateful for - I am absolutely thrilled by the fact that there are a growing number of people interested in this blog. I find it terribly exciting to have visitors from all over the world. 
Thank you for visiting and commenting, whoever you may be, wherever you may be. 

It is appreciated. A LOT!

Just as a wee little thanks, I am giving away a little prize pack, to one randomly drawn person who comments on this post, or has commented on any of my posts this past month.

For the lucky winner - a mixed collection of my handmade buttons. They remind me of scumptious candy, so I am sending an assorted pack, decorated up prettily to one of you! With maybe another little surprise thrown in!

I will leave the draw open until the end of this month, and announce the lucky winner May 1st ish...
Just leave a comment on this post, or any other post this month, up to April 30th.

No need to follow my blog - I'd much rather everyone follow what they are interested in :)
But if you choose to, your support really means the world!

Thank you all so very much.




  1. We all know how talented you are! Would love some of your homemade goodness......

  2. Hi, Ivana - how surprised (and humbled) I was to find my name with a link back to my blog on your dear post! Thank you so much for taking the time to do that. I enjoyed visiting each of the blogs you featured. Secondly, I am in awe that these beyond-beautiful buttons are your personal creations! Gorgeous AND delightful! Ivana, I really need to thank you for mentioning something at the bottom of this post. It is regarding "No need to follow my blog". That is how I do my blog candy, too. It is treat enough to know that people occasionally take the time to drop by. While others have encouraged me to do otherwise, I'm grateful to see another soul with the same thought - just to have fun, be grateful to those who can come by, and not demand they become a follower. Especially when so many follow via different means and simply don't have time to always leave a comment. The sweetness of your writing, and your style-techniques, just reveals so much of your warmheartedness. Thanks again, hugs, de
    {Creative Smiles}

  3. So glad to hear that you are having a fabulous day. Your buttons are amazing!

  4. Oooh they look just like pretty sweets! So so gorgeous. The colours are so spring like and soft. Thank you for your generosity. I do love looking at your creations and makes, always inspiration her
    Kat x

  5. Oh my gosh!!
    Thank you for the chance to win :)
    The handmade buttons do look like candy!!

  6. Они действительно похожи на конфеты! У вас потрясающие работы. Легкие, нежные, невесомые. Их очень интересно рассматривать!

  7. I am a huge fan of yours but I am not super great at leaving comments. I recently blogged about you. :). I am trying to develop some of your style. Thank you so much for sharing you talent.

  8. I am not writing to win some of your amazing buttons, but rather to tell you that I am so glad you had a perfect day! You truly deserve it! I look forward to seeing you Saturday & hope you had a perfect evening too! <3

  9. Wow, these handmade button cards look gorgeous! Thank you so much for the chance to win!

  10. Iwana, I am so glad that I've found your gorgeous cards regarding Maja Design. It is such a delight to watch your beautiful creations. Thank you for you sweet comments on my work too.
    I stopped taking part in giveaway, but I can not miss this one. As I want to try making a card as you do it.

  11. Ivana,
    I found your sweet blog tonight via Melissa's blog "Lilybean Paperie". Your comment on her post reflects my feelings about her blog and I had to come and see who wrote such a sweet comment! Here I am at your blog gazing on your incredible homemade buttons that just made my heart melt! How precious they are! I see such beauty in your sweet creations! Thanks for making my heart smile!
    :) Jill

  12. Wow, never expected to see my own name on your blog! Thank you so much for adding me in the wonderful list! I adore your creations and I am simply in awe of everything you do create, so THANK YOU for the inspiration! And thank you for the chance to win these amazing looking buttons, so beautiful!!!

  13. your buttons remind me of the little round candies on paper that were popular so long ago. i love the pastel colors and would like to create something with a soft feel to it. beautiful buttons!

  14. oh those buttons I keep lusting... I think I must just bite the bullet and buy some.

  15. I love the quiet and romantic ambience of your work - greetings from Polish

  16. I love how your embellies are all varied and yet they all coordinate beautifully! These buttons on the cards are a great example of this...glad you are having fun with your new goodies!

  17. OH what gorgeous buttons.. How generous of you.. I have always been a follower of you since I found you, you make the must gorgeous cards. Always with such soft colors and beautiful details.

  18. How very sweet your buttons are and how very sweet you are for this lovely post ... I hope all your days are as happy!

  19. It's so sweet of you to give away such a lovely treat! Your buttons are just beautiful and you are right - they are just like candy!

  20. Ivana, just so you know ... I read all of your posts and drool over each and every picture. Truly. This giveaway speaks volumes to me and I'd love to plunk one of these beauties down on one of my projects. Just so you know!

  21. As a follower, I just love reading all your posts. i think you are a great crafter. You use beautiful soft, pretty colors. And these hand-made buttons are just scrumptious! LOVE them!

  22. Thank you for the chance to win your gorgeous buttons, Ivana! I've been a follower of yours for a couple years, and i am always amazed by your talent and style! Keep up the great work!

  23. How tickled I was to see my name in your blog post today! Thank you thank you for your kind comment on my blog! It made my day and I also love we are literally down the road(ok so a few hours, than minutes) from each other in Saskatchewan!
    Always love reading and seeing your gorgeous creations! Thanks for all the inspiration. And your buttons look like candy to me:) wow!

  24. It is refreshing to hear you 'share your heart' with us today Ivanna~ I'm sure you know that many of us also feel as you do - - so greatful for the friends we've made (in the SBworld!) And thankful for all the help and inspiration out there and available to us.
    I will never forget your 'kindnesses' to me over the past few years; and how you took time to answer my little questions (:)and sweetly commented on my simple projects!!~
    I am so happy to find links here in this post to some of your favorites as well!
    Can't wait to find time to visit them all~
    blessings to you,

  25. Your buttons are just gorgeous! Honestly... everything on your blog is gorgeous!

  26. These DO look like button candy! :) They are so beautiful. Thanks for the chance to win some.

  27. I'm always inspired by everything you do and love all your projects. Thanks for the chance to win these sweet buttons.

  28. Ivana,
    What a beautiful buttons !!
    Your creations are aways very subtile, and elegant!
    Thank you for this giveaway.
    Wish you a nice week

  29. How amazing that you made all these lovely sweet buttons! Love all your cards creations too as they always give such a feminine touch. thank you for the giveaway!

  30. Ivana you are so kind :) Thank you for beeing such a inspiration for us :) Your buttons are like candy ! hugs Aneta


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