Holiday Cards and Cheery News

~Full of Cheer~

Happy Sunday morning. I love cozy days like this. Keeping warm with hot tea, watching the wind blow away the last few leaves off the trees. 

I have so much to look forward to in the coming days, and heaps of news to share with you all today...But first things first. Seeing as I have been a little behind on sharing creations with you all, I wanted to share the holiday card and baggie that I've added to the shoppe this morning.

**ETA: I've pulled the card and baggie from the shoppe as they are being held for a very special customer. If you happened to have your heart set on these two, just let me know and I can create something very similar just for you :)**

I layered loads of cozy, Christmas-y patterns on this card. All from Simple Stories. I used my newest measuring tape washi, scrumptious rusty bells (from Frost It Pink), and a few pretty trims and ribbons.  

I also used some new felt that I ordered from a darling little Etsy shoppe, Benzie Design. The colors I've used here are Latte and Ivory.

I had a few bits and bobbles left over after making the card, and seeing as my scrap box is all packed up, and that I couldn't possibly throw them out, I figured I'd use the scraps to make a matching baggie. 

I added a dash of ribbon, a bit of trim, and some stamping to finish off the baggie. Wouldn't this make the cutest little packaging for a handmade holiday ornament? 

At the top, I added a dash of decorative tape, and some pretty vintage paper at the bottom. 

The next bit of news I want to share with you is something I have been keeping in for a while now, as we have been trying to get all the loose ends tied up.  It is also the reason things have been so busy around this house of ours lately. This news has been brewing for the past three or so months, and between work, school, renovations, (and buying and building our home!!!!!!!) we have both been very busy bees.  There were so many times I wanted to tell you about the happy news, but a couple of hiccups got in the way and I just couldn't bear to write a post until I knew everything was official. 

The day we left for our trip, was the official day that we handed over the funds and finalized the purchase! 

We feel terribly blessed, and so, so excited.

By the end of next month, we will be in a home that is all our own. We are excited to have more space for all of life's little memories, especially an outdoor area where I hope to plant a garden that I have been dreaming of. But most importantly, we are excited for a home where we can proudly hang our hearts, and grow into as a family :)

Here is our beautiful, new home

As we speak, there are still many things to be done on this new build. But it is all scheduled to be done by the end of November and in preparation, our space is littered with boxes, packing tape and all sorts of messes lying about...I have spent the last week since our return, sorting, organizing, and packing up the scrapbook room. There is still so much to do, but I am incredibly excited about it all. 

The only misfortune is that hubby is back at school and will not be able to be part of it all. I have heaps more to organize before I can start packing, and planning our big move.  We have a tad more to do in terms of renos as we get our condo ready for the new tenant, too. But it is just the kind of thing I love to do, and I am so thankful to our family who has already offered their help, and so many friends who are willing to lend us a hand, too. I could not imagine doing all of this alone, but more importantly, I could not think of embarking on this memorable journey without sharing it with so many of our loved ones. 

My sweet momma has offered to be my right hand and I am so looking forward to the two of us spending this time together to reminisce as we pack up our present life and embark on our new one. 

As for my presence, I will do my best to stay in touch over the coming weeks. I have prepared a few posts, and I plan to do a bit more creating...Right up until the last bit of paper and adhesive is packed away :) 

Before I start my day, I leave you with a few more pictures of the space inside our home...This is the room that sold us on the house...We call it our Christmas Room :) 



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  1. My Dear Ivana...such a beautiful Christmas cards ....and ONE MORE TIME ...CONGRATS GUYS on your new home!!!! This is just the most beautiful home I ever seen!!! I'm so happy for you! xoxo Aneta

  2. Oooh it's so beautiful! I can see why you are so excited, and know you will put your warm touch on it to make it so homey...congrats!

  3. Something new from you, you cards are so beautiful and congrats on your purchase, this house is pretty cozy

  4. Your card, bag, and home are all just beautiful!

  5. Congratulations on your beautiful new home.Your Christmas cards look wonderful.

  6. Looks beautiful and homey...already!!!

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  8. LoVe your cards!! & your unique use of the
    Simple Stories paper! So beautiful & rich looking.
    And your new home!! Oh my it is lovely~ I know you will
    make it 'your own'. Perfect for the two of you~
    I hope you know in a few months we will all want to see
    some photo's
    of your newly decorated home!
    Blessings to you both!
    Take time to breath friend! : )

  9. Congrats, can't wait to see the finished home photos!

  10. It's a pleasure to see your crafting and read your posts Ivana. Good Luck in your gorgeous new home. I am sure that you will decorate it oh so beautifully and it will be filled with love. Congratulations. Nicola x

  11. I am so excited for you both! I still remember closing on my house. I saved for a long time (8 years!) and bought it as a young single woman. It is a wonderful feeling! I hope we get to see your beautiful Christmas room once you are settled! Home-making is such a joy!
    And your cards are as always beautiful my dear!
    Congratulations and big hugs!

  12. What a gorgeous home. Can't wait to see you decorate it.

  13. That house looks beautiful Ivana! Just your style!!!


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