Gift Tag Days - Day Three - Watercolors in Bloom

I love the month of June. It's still technically Spring, but around here, it usually feels much more like the start of Summertime. Sure, we have days like today, with a little break from the heat and some cool showers...But I love that June is officially the month when our wardrobes are switched over, all our plants have found their homes in our garden, and we wake each morning to our resident robins, who build their nests in our garden, soon to welcome their little offspring.

This tag is dedicated to all those lovely things.

Creating this tag, I had some help from a beautiful little tag set that I found at Target a while back (Tag Day One features these tags as well). After making this little tag, I found myself wishing I had stocked up on a few more packets. Isn't that the way it goes?

I  really didn't want to overwhelm the beautiful background, so I only added a stamped flower and some sequins to this tag. 
After stamping the flower, I used Zig markers to watercolor and shade the flower and leaves, adding a good amount of water to blend the colors together. I didn't pay much attention to the lines, and I opted for a loose coloring style that would look like the colors were blooming out.

It's so much fun de-layering and taking a simpler approach to paper crafting.
Lately, I've been trying to do more with less, and keep things simple and minimal. Both in life and creative pursuits, and it's teaching me a lot about creativity and keeping a balance.

Thanks for joining me today and be sure to tune in for day four!


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  1. Lovely to see you back creating and blogging Ivana. Your tag is gorgeous! Nicola x


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