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Helloooo everyone and welcome to my final post for this week's Wonder Stix Series. If you're just joining us, you can read about this incredible little color medium here. If you're familiar with these crayons, or better yet, if you've already picked up your very own set, come along with me as I share three fun and fabulous ways of making your own backgrounds!

Backgrounds are something I never tire of. When a card is feeling just so-so, and it needs a little pick-me-up, I often turn to backgrounds to achieve that look. A pretty background has the potential to elevate any card design, and it can be used in any measure required. A background doesn't always have to cover the entire card, nor does it need to be flat, or uniform.

So come along and let me share three ways I love to use these crayons in making my backgrounds. And how I set the colors, so things don't get smudged ;)
 For ease of comparison, I've used polka dots, stencils, and the same colors on all three samples, but I would highly encourage you to experiment. Why not try different shapes and different colors, and maybe even switch up the color of your paper, too! The possibilities are truly endless.
Using stencils with Wonder Stix is a fabulous way to get a more controlled color application. All of the below methods would work without a stencil - you could easily draw your own dots - but they would be a little less uniform, which can be a great look if that's what you're after! Using a stencil also allows a very thick application, if wanting to get all the way to the edge of the stencil. This technique gives off a slightly dimensional look to the dots. This is unlike any other color medium that I've played with before. Here is a good example of the dimension - the little x's on the last card. 

For my first background, I've used my polka dot stencil to create a scattered polka dot, which deliberately does not cover the entire background. Leaving these open spaces allowed me to add in sequins and beads to give the background a whole lot of dimension and interest. Before adding all the embellishments, though, I made sure to use my anti-static pouch to light dust the dots. This helps set the pigment in place so that it does not move, and so that it is not as tacky.

I also used vellum instead of plain cardstock, so if I wanted to layer this over a printed paper, it would give the background even more interest and oomph.

For my next background, I thought it would be fun to dress up glitter paper!
For this technique, it is important that the glitter paper is of a fine grade (fairly smooth and uniform), but really that is the only requirement. Think ombre glittered paper, decked out with beautiful shapes and colors using Wonder Stix! How fun would that be! I love this technique so much, because adding color to glittered paper is not always easy. Even heat-embossing can leave blotchy spots here and there. But the creaminess of Wonder Stix makes the application super easy, especially with a stencil.
Again, to set this type of application, simply use an anti-static pouch. You could take it one step further, to lightly heat the dots, and apply a clear embossing powder, which you can heat-set.

Last but not least, is a fun technique that is suitable for thicker papers and chipboard pieces you might want to dress up. Here, I used my stencil and my Wonder Stix to create a polka dot background, and then used a clear medium over top of the dots to seal everything in place and add a wonderful sheen. If you look closely, you can also see a bit of sparkle, which is just a little bit of glitter sprinkled overtop the clear medium while it is drying. So easy! You could also opt for shimmer instead of glitter, and create a marbled, pearlescent look. I love that this method ensures that the dots stay in place, and I love that Wonder Stix pigment stays in place when applying the clear coat. Just be sure to use a light hand with your brush.

Really, there are so many ways to use these fun little crayons, but I hope these three ideas give you some jumping-off points to incorporate these little colors into your everyday papercrafting.
Thank you for joining me!
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