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I can still remember being a little kiddo and being fascinated that I could arrange anything I liked - from coloring pencils, to story books, to my wardrobe - in a gorgeous ROYGBIV array....
And even more thrilled with how much joy it brought my little heart. Feeling hasn't changed much and anytime I'm feeling a little blue, I opt for a minute or two of rainbow organizing and all just feels right again.
If only all things in life were this simple! lol

It's one of the reasons I love, LOVE this new die by TSM.
It's cute, it's quirky, and it's so incredibly versatile. I'll be using it more in days to come, but I just wanted to share this little shaker in which I used the rainbow to back the opening. 

I also pulled in one of my geometric heart backgrounds - this time using the die-cuts - to add a little sass to the card. You can see the original card here.

I mean, how fun is this die?!
Have you had a chance to play with it yet?
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  1. Ivana, I just received my first Color Crush assortment of cardstock!! I see why you love them so … now, I hope you feel better after this gorgeous arrangement? xx

    1. Omw, do you love it?!?! I still haven't been able to put them down :) I always feel better after a little rainbow arrangement!

  2. A rainbow filled heart...God's promise and love in all it's glory! This is delightful Ivana and the sparkle puts it over the top!


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