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I am so excited to dive into anther Product Feature post. It's been a minute since I covered a product for this series, but I hope today's post makes up for it :) I have HEAPS of new products to share with you. Ranger recently sent me a very generous box of goodies to try, and with the all the new product just dropping at, I was so excited to try things out and report back about everything I loved. 
I know these are tough times, but I hope today's post will bring in a little joy and perhaps a tiny distraction. 

These are the first two cards I created using quite a few of the goodies. 
The supplies are fully linked below, but if you're just scanning this post quickly, I've used:

SUCH a great set for greetings, endless possibilities. 

An ink that works incredibly well with the Letter-It range of stamps, and any other acrylic stamps which normally look very undefined if stamped with standard dye or pigment ink. These are the only inks I've come across that ensure perfectly crisp impressions with these stamps. They are also non-bleeding when used with water-based products or dye ink. I did a full review of this line, you can find it here. Below, I've linked up all the new colors. They're gorgeous!

These come in two different sets, in both gold and silver foil.

I LOVED using this stencil with the new Emboss It pen.

Once I got the hang of using this pen set, I really loved it!

Varying sizes (and colors) of glitter make these gels really sparkle!

Love the size of the polka dots in this design.

A mini version of the large magnetic board, perfect for holding down stencils, paper or other project mediums. Eliminates the need for taping down projects.  

For my first card, I used the It's The Little Things stamp set from the Letter It collection to stamp a wordy border at the top and the bottom of the card. It's a little hard to see, but I also used some hearts to dry-emboss the rest of the card. 

For the centerpiece, I used the gorgeous and extra sparkly Stickles Glitter Gel and Polka Dotting stencil to make a sparkly background, which I then die-cut into a heart. I loved it so much, I used it on both cards :) I added the Foil Die Cut sentiment from set #1 in silver. Each set comes with two colors of each design - silver and gold.

This next card took me a little bit to get right. I wanted to incorporate the super-cool looking Emboss It pens. Here, I used it with the Treading Hearts stencil to outline + emboss selective hearts. I have much more info on this product below!

 I finished off this card with the same sentiment accents. 

Here is a closer look at the products I used.

Here is a shot of the embossing pen in action - with basic coloring. Which means these pens can be used for coloring and filling in any outline stamp designs..just as you would use regular coloring. This pen also works well for lettering projects. The ink is relatively slow-drying, but it does depend on the type of paper used. I found it not suitable for watercolor paper, because of the high absorbency. But it definitely stays wet on regular cardstock. This photo shows a single scribble of the pen, and a single coat of embossing powder, and I think the coverage looks pretty good.

I decided to give this a shot for my card above, with the heart stencil. The first time I tried, it just wasn't to my liking. Since the ink is grey, some of the lighter colored powders didn't stick fully and sort of let some of the ink show through. I played around a bit, and found that going over the design again after the first emboss, and then embossing again, makes the coverage much fuller! This opens up a whole bunch of creative possibilities - such as the multi-color embossing I achieved with my hearts by coloring selective sections. And it allowed me to turn a stencil, into an embossing tool! Kind of gets me excited thinking about all the stencils I can use this way, and that I am no longer limited to just stamps with this technique.

The next stand-out product for me was the Stickles Glitter Gel. I'm not familiar with other glitter gels, so I can't comment to the spread-ability, consistency or drying time of these, but what I can say, is that it's like having a pot of Stickles, just waiting for your favorite stencil. How fun!
I also loved that each design comes with glitter bits of varying sizes and colors, for a multi-dimensional look. I also feel like it could be super fun to mix the colors up, or even mix in some of your own glitters into a dab!

This was possibly my favorite of the bunch! I'm not big on mixed media, but I do like to stencil and ink blend for time to time, and one of the biggest deterrents for me, is needing to tape down a project (such as a stencil) or to try and hold onto my paper base (such as when I'm ink-blending). This little Stay-tion tool helps keep things in place and it's just big enough, at 7x7, for a quick card, or on-the-go crafting. It was also easily wipe-able, and it works with the next product, which can be layered below, or on top the Stay-tion.

This silicone mat can be used alone, or combined with the Stay-tion to help hold it in place (by simply wiggling the Stay-tion over it a couple of times). It can also be layered overtop, if working with a medium like alcohol inks, because it turns out, they do not stain the mat! So if you want to keep your Stay-tion clean, this should do the trick. I've not personally tried it, but you can see this video here, where Wendy explains it herself. 

There are so many more goodies that I loved - from the newest hues of Perfect Pearls, to the other stamp sets and stencils. I've linked up everything below. 

In case you have any questions, please do not hesitate to reach out! You can do so here.

I am so grateful to be able to share information like this with you. Posts like these would not be possible without your support - THANK YOU for all that you do.
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I only share products I love, and think you will too :)

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  1. So pretty, Ivana! you 'had me' at these gorgeous sentiments stamped in grey!

  2. Greetings Ivana, what a pretty design.

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