Embossing Two Ways - Ink vs Adhesive

Hello Lovelies!
Today, I am sharing two fun ways to infuse heat embossing into cardmaking.

The two techniques I've focused on are 

1. Embossing with an embossing ink, and
2. A less traditional way, with double sided adhesive. 

I often switch between the two, but let's dive in and see if there is a clear winner!

For my first card today, I re-worked a design I created a little while back, which you can find here
This time around, I wanted to work with some softer colors, and a lot of metallic, sparkly goodness!

I started this card by stamping up circles in a grid form, using the Circles and Such stamp set, and heat-embossing them using Versamark ink.
Once done, I used the circle dies, to cut out little windows. To decorate the circles, I added some florals, and tiny leaves. For the leaves, I swiped some of the ink across plain cardstock, and added the sparkly glittery powder. I found the coverage to be good overall, but I did need to be selective about which parts I used for the leaf dies, as some spotty bits emerged. 

To finish off the card, I popped things up and created a shaker, adding a heat-embossed sentiment on vellum, once again using ink.

For my next card, I worked with adhesive instead of a slow-drying embossing ink. I covered a cardstock piece with a super strong adhesive sheet, adding embossing powder, and heating it from the backside. A few times, I paused for 5 second breaks in heating the adhesive, to avoid any bubbling. 
While the process was a tad slower, I found this method provided more even coverage on large surfaces. If I was planning on covering an entire card base with embossing, I would likely use this method, over the ink.

But with the little leaves, you can hardly tell the difference, no?

Just as expected, the ink is a fabulous way to add detail, work with stamps or even do a quick ink-to-paper embossing. However, for the best coverage for large surface areas, adhesive definitely wins out!

This was a super fun experiment, and I hope it was helpful for your next embossing endevour!

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  1. Ivana, I adore them both... both cards, that is! ...as I've never used an adhesive sheet with embossing powder! AND I've never seen such gorgeous sparkling embossing powders either! All this time I was imagining the sparkle came from a glittered card stock! Live, love, and learn from you all the time, my friend!


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