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Two of my personal favorite Autumn traditions are just beginning. 
Canning and winter meal prep, and foraging for the ever-so-striking Golden Chantrelles. 
Each Fall, we trade baskets of mushrooms and mushroom preserves in return for fresh veggies. The veggies get preserved and often shared back. We adore how this tradition brings our hearts (and our neighborhood) together.

And each year, I look for quick, but fun, card ideas to send to all the folks who have helped fill our winter pantry.

This first card was the perfect candidate. Simple, quick, yet super vibrant and joyful. It’s always fun to send a cheery greeting like this, especially when it accompanies a jar of preserves (maybe even a jar of something the recipient helped contribute to :)

After stamping up the leaves on the base, and cutting it out with this frame die, I added a simple sentiment, and just a wee bit of washi tape (which just so happened to pop off as I was taking my photos! lol)

I'm super in love with these colors...Aren't they so warm and inviting? I've linked them all up below, and I've recently shared a closer look at my entire TSM ink collection over on my Insta highlights. If you'd like to see it here on the blog, just let me know and I'll get it posted :)

For my next card, a little more layering and detail, but still a relatively quick card. I stamped up all the leaves and blooms, and the coordinating dies make it so easy to cut these out in a pass or two.

I added sparkly hearts (using the new Diamond Glitter cardstock) and some of my favorite sparkly gems. I used the same sentiment as above, but this time, with an ombre inked effect.

Such a quick card, that looks like it was much harder to pull together than it was!

These will be getting delivered in the days to come, just as soon as we're no longer elbow deep in all things yard and housework that the end of the season entails...And when the heaps of mushrooms and veggies have been canned...Gosh, it's a lot of work but I do love it, and I do love Autumn!

What have you been keeping busy with?  I'd love to know how you commemorate the changing seasons! And if you have a minute, come along on a little forest trek, followed by some canning and many other yummy things as we kick off the weekend. I'll pop into stories a little later this morning to share ;)
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  1. I'm marking my calendar, Ivana!! Think Canada will allow us back by this time next year?
    Chanterelles are just one of many mushrooms I adore! and your colors of Fall are just gorgeous! Your friends are going to love them!

    1. They are utterly delicious, aren't they? It's always fun trying out new recipes with them - we're even doing a bit of dehydrating this year! Wish us luck!!

  2. That sounds like a wonderful tradition and a wonderful neighborhood to live in! We love all of the warm cozy soups and stews of winter. Your cards are beautiful, so many marvelous colors!

    1. Thank you, lovely friend! It really is - just a delight to be a part of. Oh, yes, yummy soups/stews are high up on our list too! Any favorite recipes? Thank you so much for stopping by, Lisa!

  3. Sweetly, immensely gorgeous. You're making me want to reach for pinks, fuschias, and purples this fall more so than I've ever been inspired to do before on the paper crafting front.

    Autumn Zenith 🎃 Witchcrafted Life

  4. What a neat tradition in your neighborhood! I do love seeing the fall colors & having cooler temps, but sad the roses are about done for the year. 2 beautiful cards, Ivana! I would love to see the inks here on your blog & I am saving up for an order at TSM to include that beautiful glitter cardstock! Thanks for all the inspiration. I'll eventually catch up on all your posts. Sending hugs, Greta


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