Christmas Color Palette | Inspired By - Colorful Packaging

 Hello Lovelies! 

Did you catch my stories on insta? I've been crushing over a the fabulous Verb hair mask line, which just so happens to have the cutest packaging! 

And it got me thinking about my ever-so-abandoned 'Inspired By' series. Never too late to rekindle, right? And who says conditioner can't be inspirational? ;)

So, I pulled out a pile of ink to mimic the earthy rainbow...Because how could I not! Whilst no single collection offered the entire hue line up, I was able to mash up a few favorites - The Stamp Market, Pinkfresh Studio, Papertrey Ink and Archival Ink

If you'd like to lift this palette, but you don't own all of the ink I've listed, you'll see that some colors are rather close to one another, which means there are plenty of substitutes out there. 
My tip is to just try out your ink! You'd be surprised at how many colors you  may have. The range of corals I've used here are from a variety of different lines, and would all be excellent for this palette (I couldn't settle on one so I opted for all! lol). And even if you happen to not have the exact hue, many colors are close enough to be interchangeable. For example, the blush hue looks just as beautiful if substituted with PTI's Sweet Blush. For the Leafy green, you could easily stick to PTI's Simply Chartreuse, and so on. Let me know below if you’re curious about a substitute for certain color and I’d be happy to help!

But just for fun, here's a closer peek at the colors I settled on - I've linked them all below.

I love that these mix and match so well. 
If you've ever been worried about investing in one line and not being able to 'fill in' the holes with another, or overlapping colors too much, do not fret! Between the several ink lines I own, only a handful of colors are close matches, while the rest all work really beautifully together.
Furthermore, I was able to mix and match the final 12 colors I selected in a heap of different styles  - from soft and earthy, to vibrant and punchy. 
Here's a teensy peek:

I'll be sharing these over the next few days so be sure to pop back in! Now, go and get those fingers inky and join me! I'd LOVE to see how you use these colors...Tag me up on Insta by using #inspiredbycolorfulpackaging or #letsmakesomethinglovely ;)

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  1. I must have missed your IG story - but this is just another reason I think we might be sisters-from-other-Misters, Ivana!! It's not unusual for me to save some pretty packaging as an inspiration!!
    I can't wait to see more!

  2. What an inviting, dreamy, gorgeous palette you've constructed. It speaks as much to late summer as it does both autumn and winter - when we need every last drop of warmth we can get.

    Autumn Zenith 🎃 Witchcrafted Life

  3. So fun to get cardmaking inspiration from things around us! Just love this palette & looking forward to your creations! I get behind on blogs, but will catch up eventually. Sending warm hugs, my sweet friend!


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