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 Oh my goodness, the sparkle! Our home looks like the aftermath of massive elf mishap....Glitter has infiltrated every. single. corner. It's times like these I love my hubby even more than usual. He's so good to me. Glitter and all. And thankfully working from home means he can skip allllll the chuckles at the office that usually abound this time of year :)

Back to my card! It is a sparkly, glittery showcase of my favoritest little die from TSM. You shall see much more of it here, my friends. It is coming in droves!! That little curly q at the end...Be still my heart...it gets me every time.

Layered up with some stripes, and poinsettias...what a darling match. I've linked up everything below for you!

Though hard to see, the letters are super sparkly irl. After all the messy glitter, I opted for Stickles here, but any glitter would do the trick.

I added a little bit of color with a polka dot tree, and some sparkly sequins. And I'm STILL waiting for my stamping paper...gah, Covid! VERY patiently awaiting the day I return to smooth stamping! But this is a good experience, it just goes to show how important paper is, doesn't it? In case any of you have run into back luck with inks in the past, the culprit is more than likely paper! And hopefully you can find some smooth and beautiful stock where you live ;)

Thank you for visiting today, Friends. I hope you have a wonderful and happy day!

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  1. FAbulous, right down to the curly-que!

  2. I would have been afraid to hide those pretty elements behind the sentiment, but you've made it look effortless! Wow, this is fantastic Ivana!

  3. What a wonderful post. I love how you shared that your husband won’t have to hear the glitter jokes this year. I have a very supportive husband too, so I can totally relate. And your card is beautiful, as always! Your designs are always amazing! 😊💖


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