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 If you're anything like me, you might be speed crafting at this point, trying to wrap up the Christmas list...And we all know the old adage, haste (can make for) waste. So what do you do when your speedy ways turn your watercoloring amiss?

I had SUCH high hopes for this watercolored floral, and all was going so splendidly until I messed up the center flower. A little bit of impatience, and a whole lot of fussing later, I realized, it was just too far gone. And I was really sad! Please tell me I'm not the only one that this happens to ;)

But to my rescue, adding this larger-than-life sentiment was just the trick I needed. And I think I love it even more now! The floral colors accent the fonts so nicely with that pop of boldness. 

In case you've not been down this road yet, and you find yourself in this situation, here are a few of my favorite ways to (ahem) *cover* up blunders.
When a mess-up happens on my main artwork, I first try the good ole cover trick! By positioning a sentiment atop the boo-boo. I play around with a few options (varying the size, opacity, or color of the sentiment). Sometimes, one needn't entirely cover the blunder to distract away from it, so it's worth playing around with positioning until you find something you like. When this won't do, I will try a vellum overlay. Vellum allows the subtle details to show through, while covering any obvious mistakes. At other times, a simple and strategic cut can also be helpful. Perhaps a splatter that's really close to the corner is a little gloopy, can be easily trimmed off. And lastly, for all other times, or when all else fails, I leave the card as is. Imperfection is at the heart of handmade, and there is nothing wrong with letting it shine!

While fixing our mistakes is important, even more meaningful is the lesson it reinforces - to just keep going. 

Because happy accidents can end up being your favorites! 
Tell me - what do you do with mishaps..? Toss em? Fix em? Leave em as is?

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  1. Your card is beautiful! I make blunders way more than I care to admit, and sometimes they are just not fixable, but I do try much the same as you describe to hide them. I would love to know if you created that splatter background freestyle or did you have stamps to help create that beautiful background. I would just love to know what tools you used to do this, and is it on watercolor paper or regular cardstock. Thank you!

    1. Hi Melanie! Big hello and welcome!

      To answer your question - I used a Strathsmore bristol paper here (it holds watercolor quite well and is a bit whiter than traditional watercolor paper). For the spatters, I used a medium sized brush, filled with watercolor (and a touch of white paint mixed in, for extra pop and viscosity).

      I freehanded all the splatters, and added dark copic dots, using the same color in the leaf accents.

      I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have any other questions, and a big thanks for stopping in!

  2. ahem...WHEN I make a mistake, I will let you know what I do to fix it!! LOL Oh Ivana, your boo boos are only catalysts to make something even MORE beautiful than your original plan!
    I'm so happy to have this Holly Jolly set in my possession - you were my inspiration for its premier!

    1. LOL! I know I'll be waiting a while, Michele! Your cards are pure perfection, my friend! Eep, I MUST see what you make with it! Gonna head over to your bloggy blog shortly - I reckon I've missed a lot. Hugs, sweet friend!

  3. I love it when a mistake has a happy ending and this one has me smiling big time! Yes... it happens to me too ;)

    1. It can be so frustrating, can't it? Yet so true - a happy ending makes it so worthwhile! Thanks so much, Lisa! xo

  4. Awesome example of making lemonade from lemons, dear Ivana. This card is thoroughly gorgeous, with every element looking wholly intentional. Indeed, had you not divulged what you did about the watercolour bloom, I doubt anyone would ever have been the wiser.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life


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