~Celebrating June~

I have so much to fill you in on...and so much to celebrate about!
Firstly.....I have to tell y'all...

I bought my wedding dress!!!

It's awesome, it's elegant, it's everything I imagined it to be!
Sorry...no pics though...It has to stay a surprise! Plus without the alterations, I sort of look like a white ball of fluff :( And that's not fun to show off...SO I guess y'all will just have to hang in there and wait until the {big} day!

We also narrowed in on a few beautiful villas in Croatia (where we will be getting married) and we hope to book any day now! Wish us luck :)

Aside from wedding shopping and planning, I have been thoroughly enjoying one of my favourite months...June!!! It's always a time for our family to celebrate, and I find that all my old friendships get re-kindled at this time of year...It must have something to do with the fact that almost all of the family I have, and almost all of my friends happen to have birthdays around this time of year...

Now I don't know about you, but I have a pesky little obsession with horoscopes (It's okay...I give you permission to judge me!), and with my life full of Gemini's...Just as astrology suggests....Things are always bound to get interesting...But I guess that's the point of life!

In all seriousness though, I adore the fact that our b-days always bring us together...

So, that's what we did this past weekend....I spent all weekend with family, enojoying the occasional (and rare) sunrays, delicious food, and my brother's and mine shared b-day celebration on Saturday...Our b-days are so close that it's silly to not celebrate them together :) Plus, I quite enjoy seeing both our names on a b-day cake...

Anywho, after all the {delicious ice cream} cake, yummy food, presents and b-day fun...I visited a friend on Sunday that I had not seen in an embarrasingly-long amount of time - Don't ya hate when that happens!? Anyway, it was so lovely to catch up...

THEN, I got to visit some wonderful family (on my fiance's side) who came from afar for a mini family reunion...It was just the PERFECT weekend! Minus the cold weather, of course :(

And to top it all off....Check out the gift I got...
I almost thought it wouldn't happen...My sweetie had something in the works and it suddenly fell through...Not to mention a postal service strike RIGHT at this time, making online shopping impossible...
Just my luck...
Then, out of nowhere and completely to my surprise, this little thing found it's way to {my heart} and our happy home ! :)

I feel SO silly getting so excited over a diecut machine...I guess I'll never grow up :)

And to sweeten the story even more, several beautiful Spellbinders dies (thank you, Lisa!) appeared in my mailbox on Friday (not really sure how that all worked out with the strike and all), so I was able to actually do some crafting this weekend with my new, shiny, beautiful obsession :) Ahhhh I luv birthdays!

Anywho...I almost forgot to add that I also got some exciting news on my b-day...but you'll just have to wait to hear...And before I forget, I wanted to share a quick lil' layout lift I did for WP...

We're so blessed to be featuring one of our talented and wonderufully sweet members at Inspire Me....

Trina McClune!!!

I love her beautiful style! Here's my take on her work :)

~Lovin You is so Easy to Do~

I was inspired by Trina's beautiful use of white space...Like this layout here. And I took a page out of our INCREDIBLY talented Em T's book - and her clever designs with an 8.5x11 format! I love the combo of the two...Thanks for the inspiration, gals :)

Just some close-ups..

Love paint-washed Storytellers!

And I love cutting Webster's beautiful paper! I used a combo of Yacht Club, Country Estate and a teensy little bit of one of my all-time fave WP collections...Garden Gala!

If all I had for the rest of my scrappy life was a pair of scissors and Webster's Paper...I wouldn't complain a bit!

And a close-up of this lovely, beautiful couple...Don't they look cute together {chuckle, chuckle}

Anywho, don't forget to check out the rest of the teams' GDT Lift creations and Trina's layouts using the newest Webster's Products here.

I'll be back with more creations soon!

Happy Monday everyone :) Hope June is treating you well!



  1. Oh how exciting!!! You sound so happy....I wish for you that it always remains so. WOW Croatia huh? That will be amazing! I cannot wait to hear about it...Truth is June is , for some reason, full of birthdays all over the world..mine is on the 21st and yep! another TRUE Gemini here LOL! Glad to hear about your little gift...dont worry... crazy obsessed scrappers like us truly understand what it means it to get a gift like that! LOL...all the best :o)

  2. Happy birthday and you look almost as beautiful as that gift, LOL - just kidding! Glad you had a great celebration and gorgeous lo too! Send me a pic of the dress OK?

  3. you're so blessed to have a close knit family from both sides. congratulations on your upcoming wedding and your shiny new gift, as well. i sooo admire your work. :D

  4. Wohooo I am SO happy for you, Ivana!! I am getting married next weekend, what a coincidence that you are getting married too!! So I REALLY understand how you feel, especially when we got our wedding dress!! I got mine already too yay!! Oh, talking about never grow up? No scrapbookers do hehe!! We can even put a huge grin on sets if papers and punches :) Here's wishing you all the best and happiness in life, Ivana!! I believe I have said enough about your artworks, you know they are just amazing and incredibly beautiful. Take care and enjoy life to bits! :D

  5. Echoing the comments earlier: you sound SO HAPPY! :) That is awesome Ivana! YAY I can't wait to see your dress, it must be perfect (after alterations ;)) ... and yes june birthdays are the best, you bet! :) YAY!!! BigShots are so exciting and fun. Don't feel embarrassed. I think I need to use mine more to justify the money spent on it. Wow I totally enjoyed reading your fun sweet post. So glad for you!

  6. You're going to make a beautiful bride. I can already tell and with the Croatian coast in the background, your wedding's going to be spectacular! And so fun to see you with your new toy. That's how I felt the first time I got mine. My wonderful hubby packed it in his suitcase and it arrived intact! Enjoy it and your new SB dies!

  7. congratulations and what a beautiful page have you made


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