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Before I begin -Thank you to everyone for the sweet comments! Sarah - you asked if I used a die for my last card...It just so happens to be one of the *awesome* new dies at our LSS for the Accucut machine. Give me a shout if you want more info. I'll hapilly die cut a few for ya and send them your way! :)

Onto the fun stuff now!

Thanks for joining me today for the second preview of this month's Craft's Meow stamp releases! We have two beautiful stamp sets coming out this month, and today we are featuring Fun {Tache} Tic! 

Personally, I have battled my father's mustache for years. Wishing, praying, hoping...That one day I would see him without the mustache...I have known my dad for 26 years, and have never seen bare skin above his upper lip...

Despite my constant battle with his lip fur, I must admit, even I am coming around to mustaches...And they really seem to be all the rage right now! Just don't tell my dad - OR my father in law for that matter - as it appears that he has also caught wind of this info and decided to grow his 'stache back...I must say - everywhere I look these days - I see mustaches!

Even so, I can't say that this was the easiest stamp for me to design with, and I have to apologize that I didn't quite do it justice - given that it is a very manly stamp and all...Buuuuut I think I am slowly falling in love with the way I used the funky 'staches to create something that is not neccesarily made for a man - well at least I hope not - Any man I know would probably run in the other direction if I presented him this little package teehehe

I thought the set was still very vesatile given the cute sentiments - Nina you really are a genious! 
So, if you're a 'girly' crafter like yours truly, go ahead! And add those lil mustaches to anything you create! You don't have to feel like you're bursting out of your girlicious comfort zone! I swear! (hand on my chest)

I have a feeling that by the time we are through this post, you just might want to add a 'stache or two to your crafty stash!

What do ya think? Waaaaaay too feminine for a man, right? But in a quirky, cute, kind of way, I think it works for a crafty, girly gift!

I just HAD to add in my newest Webster's goodies to this lil treat baggie...Since they arrived at my doorstep last week, they've just been begging to be used! So I added in a lovely combination of papers form the Western Romance collection...

And I couldn't help adding in the beautiful vintage sparkler and GORGEOUS cameo pin! If your LSS doesn't happen to carry Webster's products, and you just happen to feel like your scrappy life wouldn't be complete if you didn't add these to your collection...Don't fret - you can find both of these wonderful treasures at the Webster's Pages website here :) 

I also added in a beautiful trim just below the purple 'staches :) which is also by Webster's. It happens to be my absolute new fave! In the last couple of days, I've misted it, painted it, and glittered it, and the trim just gets more beautiful with every new way I discover to use it! I'll be showing ya my creations real soon! So check back to see all the ways I've been having fun with this dee-licious trim!

Now here is a close up of the sentiment and the two lovely little mustaches I layered and girl-ified! I'm sort of coming around to the idea that there are no boundaries when it comes to design...If you think I'm crazy, let me know! lol 

Lastly, here is a pic of the back of this little baggie. I'm going to fill it up with items from my scrappy stash to gift to a wonderfully sweet scrappy friend of mine. 

Hope you'll join us for our reveal blog hop tomorrow, Oct 1! You can win one of these yummy stamps by hopping with us! See u there!



  1. you do such amazing work..I love it.

  2. Love the "moustache" card, it's beautiful. I notice that you use a ribbon type flower on a lot of your cards etc... and I just love it. How do you make it?

  3. This is stunning.. I love all the little details and how you used this with pink and purple.. :) so fun!hugs

  4. I love this. Great layering and I'm "over the moon" about the paper lace. Beautiful work.

  5. What a delicious little baggie to put scrappy pieces in for your friend. You've made it so beautifully. Love your work!

  6. Hi Ivana, just become a follower and love your stunning creations......Thankyou for sharing,
    I'm just starting out and you have given me such inspiration.
    chris richards

  7. STUNNING, just love your creations.
    Sue xo

  8. Too cute and I lovethe we word twist....cld be filled with so many wonderful goodies Ivana. ooxx

  9. Hi Ivana, lovely and pretty card as always, it seems that you can never go wrong with papers and glue!! =) I love how the black color "popped". Very nice! Take care and hope you are enjoying a wonderful day there! xoxo.


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