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~Stocked Shoppe and a Fundraiser~ 

Hi! Happy to report that it is a beautiful day today, with the sun shining and snow melting...Do you think mother nature heard my complaining? Whether so or not, I am so happy to see the first signs of Spring! And this makes me even more excited to share my newest little creations with you, because I think they are just the yummiest, most Spring-a-licious little trinkets ever! 

A while back, I made a heap of these, and featured them on my blog. I used a few of them on my work, and before I knew it, my inbox flooded with requests for these little embellies.
I spent quite a while filling orders "behind the scenes" and doing custom colors...And boy, you guys shop fast! I was completely overwhelmed and thrilled by the response and how quickly I was making new batches! 

I did have to take a bit of a break making them, but I did promise to quite a few of you who contacted me that it would not be long before my shoppe was fully stocked...

Well, I am so happy to share that I had a really productive weekend and made a pile of rainbow-colored, Springy pastel buttons, and they can all be found in my shoppe now, and can be ordered much more easily now through Etsy, as opposed to e-mail orders. 

I am still happy to create custom colors, they just take a little bit longer. If you need a rush order,  just contact me and we can figure it all out :)

As for the basic colors, I currently stock 6 beautiful pastels which you can see here, with each package containing a set of 6 buttons of varying sizes and centers. 

I couldn't resist keeping a few back for myself, now I just have to bring myself to use them :)

Speaking of yummy and fun crafty things, my very dear friend, Cayla, who is a fantastic card maker, has just launched a card sale in an effort to help fund raise for the Burn Fund Crop that she will be hosting this coming July. It is a fantastic cause and you learn more about it and her event here

All of her cards are beautiful and at only $2.50 each, they are such a great value and a fantastic way to stock up on cards for all those special occasions...Not to mention that they are going towards a very important cause. You can check out all the cards right here

I have a few things to get done around the house today, and a really big decision to make...I hope to keep you all posted on it as soon I know the outcome. Then, it's off home for the weekend to enjoy Easter with family. I hope wherever you are, that you enjoy this beautiful weekend with family and friends and I wish you all a Happy Easter! 

Be back on Monday with a special announcement you don't want to miss! 



p.s. March 31st is the last day to use a special 15% discount in my shoppe! Simply enter SPRINGPAPERHAUS at checkout to save!
ETA: The March sale is now over, thank you all for making it such a great success!!!

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  1. Gorgeous buttons Ivana! And thanks for the plug about my cards! Love you lots! :D ~Cayla~


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