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~Happy Holidays~

A very quick post for today.
We've just settled in from our wonderful vacation and a lot of things need tending to now that we have returned. It's always a bit bittersweet coming back from holidays, wouldn't you say? We cherished every moment spent out on the open road, and marveled at the beautiful scenery. I don't know that I will be able to share any particular highlight, as each and every day was special in it's own unique way. From exploring small towns and scenic highways, to enjoying long hot days in the Arizona sun, to all the culinary and touristy adventures, and everything in between...This trip was just what we needed, and although it ended a bit too soon, we are so glad to be back in our cozy home, sleeping in our own bed :)

We are also slowly returning to our normal pace, and once all the piles of laundry and tidying up is done, I can't wait to come back and share some of the pictures and highlights. But for today, I am popping in quickly to share a little card I created before we embarked on our holidays. 

To create this card, I started with a soft mint paper (10th of March) from the Vintage Springs collection. Just below that, I added a plaid pattern from the Vintage Winter collection (Christmas Joy).

To that, I added a die-cut doily using the Send a Postcard print from the Vintage Winter collection, and the Favorit print from the Ska vi ta en fika collection

I added a Melissa Frances vintage sticker to the doily, and decorated the outside with liquid pearls. To the side, I added just a bit of crinkled lace, along with a button and a little die-cut heart. 

I used my snowflake die to cut out and layer a couple of delicate snowflakes with button and rhinestone centers, and a pretty rub-on for the sentiment. 

I know I say it over and over, but it really is so easy to create lovely cards when the papers are this beautiful. I love how perfectly Maja papers match with other companies' vintage products, like so many of my beloved Melissa Frances stickers, or other worn and faded vintage trinkets in my stash. 

There are so many more beautiful Maja papers that I want to put to use, so stay tuned, as I will be back with many more holiday creations soon!




  1. This is stunning my dear Ivana :)You have this perfect sense of style!!!I can't wait to see more from you. Good to have you back. I missed you xoxo Aneta

  2. Beautiful card my dear! Glad you enjoyed your holiday!

  3. It's such a lovely card! I really love your mix of papers and colours here.

  4. Beautiful work! I love the subtle
    colors and the rhinestone!
    Your touches are perfect~
    It IS so good to see you had a wonderful
    holiday and that you made it home safely~

  5. So beautiful! I'm glad you had a lovely were close to my part of the world being in Arizona. Can't wait to see some pictures of your trip. :)

  6. Welcome back Ivana!!! Missed you...


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