Hi Friends! I wanted to pop in really quickly to share a bit of an unorthodox post. No project (I'll be sharing one later today) but something equally as fun (I hope)!  I've been wanting to introduce a new feature to this blog for some time, and I think this just might be a perfect day for that.

It's a space that I'm really, really hoping you'll come visit and join!!
It's the name of my new tagline (coming soon) but it's also so much more than that!

A little backstory first...

I love sharing here with you, and it makes my heart so happy! But, I have to admit, from time to time, I get curious about YOUR art! Aside from my friends who leave a note + also have blogs (which I cherish and loooove to visit), I really get to thinking about how the rest of you like to get creative! And if you're ever inspired by the posts here :)

Because, I'll be honest, at times it can feel like we are all just writing into space!

I know I'm often inspired by ideas after visiting stalking my favorite blogs, but without a deadline or that push to share it somewhere (like a challenge blog or contest), it often gets tucked into a pin board or jotted down as an idea, and I never quite get around it. Even though that inspiration stays with me, I'm not always so great at sitting down and actually being creative. I either get super intimidated (it happens all the time), don't feel I have the right supplies, or I'm afraid to take the ideas and work it into my style.

But having a tangible place + community to share, a gentle nudge from a fellow creative, or a deadline, is usually what gets me to move a project or an idea from "thinking about it" to "actually doing it" and I've found that it's a great way for me to be more creative! I also think these types of public galleries, challenges, and calls-to-action are a fantastic way for all of us to build on the inspiration we get from each other!

Because, I've realized, the part I love the most about these types of challenges and collective sharing (aside from pushing me to create more), is that we get to see what everyone else has created with the same ingredients, ideas, or techniques! And it's not only a fun way to learn, but it's so intriguing to see how others' creative minds work. And from time to time, it changes and improves how our creative process works, too!

 I am so fascinated by the idea of collective creativity, and how we creatives thrive off of that.
It's long been a dream to have a place where we can all share projects (together!) and help each other get inspired! Sooooo....

I'd like to propose a place for all of us to meet through our art! Whaddya say?!

If you are inspired by any posts on this blog, I would love, love love, (and I'm certain others would, too) to see what you make!
 Whether you're feeling stuck and need just a little nudge, or just want to try something new, just go for it! If you find something you love here, copy/CASE it, duplicate + tweak it, work off an idea + go in your own direction...It really doesn't matter! As long as you are having fun and creating :) And if you make something, please share and tag it on Instagram!

The goal is simple:
And then let's share it with each other :) The best inspiration comes from the creative collective, so why not join in!

I hope you'll come along this journey. And I hope we can create a space where we can connect. I'll add a button to the sidebar that will take you directly the page - so you can follow along and always see what's going on (right now you will see my latest cards, and a few other folks' art before I sort of decided to grab this hashtag! Which I'm not even sure is proper etiquette, but seeing as it's my sparkly new tagline, I hope it's cool with instaland!).

If you're unfamiliar with how hashtags work, to join the gallery + share your work there, all you have to do is add the above hashtag to your posts - whenever you want to reference back to a technique, idea, post, picture or story that might have inspired you from this blog.

Later today, I'm sharing paper piecing - so perhaps that could be something that will come up next time you're feeling stuck! And I hope you'll share it with us! ;)

As always, friends, I'm beyond grateful for all that you do - your kindness, support, inspiration!
This lucky girl is over-the-moon humbled to be a part of the most genuine and creative group of individuals!

 Love you all so much!


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