Oh, Hello - The Stamp Market | Floral Wreath Adornments + The Start of My Stamping Journey

Do you remember when you first started cardmaking? Or papercrafting?
My journey began in 1996, after moving across the pond to a new country. Learning that I loved to craft, an invite from am elderly neighbor, turned into an afternoon that would change my life forever.

I remember seeing her art room, filled to the brim with wood-block stamps. Not like the supplies of today, but still so impressive to a budding card maker. The supplies seemed endless...Scraps of speckled paper, embossing powders (in five colors!), edging shears, punches and adhesive. O my. It was a world I instantly fell in love with!

I recall one of my favorite ways to finish off cards at that time was with an adornment or two around the sentiment. Perhaps with a corner punch, or photobook corners...Remember those??!!
To think how far we've come!

Today's card reminds me of those old designs, yet it is nothing like them. 
To make my card, I paired supplies that we could have only dreamed of existing at the time...Clear stamps, dies, and markers to color our world. 

To make my card, I used the Jumbo Criss Cross Background with some paper strips (which I saw on the TSM Instagram feed - how creative?!).Around my heat-embossed Scripty Sentiment, I knew I wanted to add adornments. Thinking back to those days and how I would finish my cards...Minus the photo corners ;)

I used the beautiful Bloominious stamps and dies to make my wreath accents, and a tiny Heaps of Heart to finish things off.

We may be far from that world in so many ways, but I find myself thinking how lovely it is to look back and pay homage to our roots.
Our dear friend who introduced me to this world recently passed, and I'm not sure if she ever knew the full impact her kindness had on my life. But then again, isn't that what acts of kindness are all about? We rarely know who we may be inspiring, encouraging, or supporting through the generosity we share with each other.

How did your stamping journey start? Has anyone ever introduced you to something that ended up shaping your life in a significant way?

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  1. Oh I LOVE how you used the paper strips with that plaid!! Such a fun idea. Now I want that plaid stamp too!! Such a pretty card.

    1. Thanks so much! You're such a sweetheart, Nora! The plaid stamp is SO fun! xoxo

  2. A lovely tribute to the woman who had such a positive impact in inspiring your first step into a journey that spans many years. Her kindness and sparks of creativity sound lovely; obviously, she touched your heart deeply and brought out your talents that are, indeed, awe-mazing. My niece and nephew (9 and 7) inspire me deeply, both with making cards but with being a 'good' person. Being their 'Aunty c' is the best job EVER! We're here in Edmonton, visiting my mom - and them - this weekend. Happy me!
    Thank you for sharing a beautiful story and work of art with us!

    1. Aww Carol, that is so heartwarming and lovely to hear! It's a delight to have littles around that can touch our hearts in such ways. I hope your time in Edmonton is wonderful! I've so enjoyed seeing their creativity in your insta! xoxox


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