A Thank You Giveaway

Hello Lovely Friends!
I'm taking a minute to say thank you today. I have a little giveaway up on my Instagram, and I hope you have a minute to pop over there to enter. 

Since I know so many of my crafty friends are not part of insta community, I wanted to share here and mention that you can also comment below to enter! Do click here, though, just to read all of the givaway deets, but by all means, feel free to enter here :)

It's a teeny way to say thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all of your continued support and love. I cherish every single note, share, and friend that this journey has brought!

Sending heaps upon heaps of love and wishing for many more years of our friendship. 




  1. I'm a happy, long time Feedly follower, Ivana ... don't do instagram ... though do so enjoy all the loveliness and inspiration you share on your blog ... thank you! Anita :)

    1. Oh Anita, yes of course! That is why I though it would be nice to give the option to enter here too :) Thank you SO much for your support and for your kindness. Sending biggest of hugs! xoxo

  2. You're such a sweetheart to do this, Ivana! You're an inspiration & represent what's good in the craft world! So thankful our paths have crossed!

    1. It's such a tiny thing...but hopefully it makes someone smile! Thank you so much for always vising and all the love. I so appreciate you, sweet friend!


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