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Hello sweet Friends!
Isn't it crazy that  we're into mid-Summer and the state of the world is still upside down?
We are well and we are grateful, that is for sure, but if I'm being honest, there are a few things that still tug at our hearts every so often...

Like missing backyard parties with dear friends. Big family gatherings, a special dining occasion, or just getting to hug someone near and dear to our hearts. Also, travel! My goodness, anyone else feeling a little stir crazy? Today's card is dedicated to all of those things we're missing and eagerly looking forward to returning back to normal.

I had heaps of fun combining these pretty florals with the Just a Little Message stamps to make my focal piece. Which just so happens to be the topic of today's stamp-stretching tip! 

These cute envelopes can be stamped alone, or combined with the little stationary bits. Here, I used my scissors to cut an opening to tuck in this sweet note (topped with a tiny heart, of course!). I know many sets have heaps of layering options just as they are, but thinking outside the box, I bet there are heaps more you can find if you just look! ;) 

I adorned the top and bottom of the cards with Flower Shop florals, and added in lots of little blooms to the background. I tucked in a couple of sentiments, a mash-up from the Itty Bitty Blooms set, and the Simple Sentiments set.

In times like these, it's so nice to be able to make a card from the heart, to let someone know how much they are missed or to express parts of us that we don't always let on. 

What are you missing these days?
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  1. So very lovely, Ivana! How did this sweet little blossom get by me? xx

  2. Yes, there is so much to miss during these difficult times. Your lovely card is sure to lift the spirits of the recipient. I'm sure they'll feel the love that went into it!

  3. Hi Ivana- a big YES- I’m stir crazy! And now they’re saying there’s a chance the kids won’t be going back to school. Big and small businesses closing down for good- everywhere! Backtracking on opening up... when will it feel like we’re living again?! So yeah, I commiserate with you! SIGH. Anyway, Ivana I LOVE your card. I usually stay away from symmetrical designs but I really love your card! I may borrow your layout, it’s a big fav! Happy Tuesday! ( hang in there!)

  4. Immensely lovely card, dearest Ivana. I hear and feel you big time. This is the year that virtually no one could have seen coming. We've all had to adapt to (and process) so much in such a relatively short time frame, all while having no idea how long this current pandemic reality will stretch on for. It's movingly beautiful that you're paying homage to the elements of life that you miss with this greeting. Much like yourself, hugging loved ones is something that I miss with all my heart.

    Autumn Zenith 🧡 Witchcrafted Life


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