Homemade Holiday - Gift Packaging Ideas

It's slowly inching near...Gifting and baking season, that is! Each year, we make a PILE of cookies, dainties, and squares, package them up, and then - the week before Christmas, deliver them through our neighborhood. While I love the entire process, my favorite parts are picking out the annual recipes, and of course, designing the packaging. Some years, we settle on a few designs, and others, we mass produce just one. Either way, it is FUN!

Today, I'm sharing a few little things we've gathered and started prepping and a few ideas for what gifts from the kitchen are coming. This year, we found some wonderful compostable, freezer friendly packaging at our local wholesale shop,  so I'm trying my hand at some pink-y vintage striped tags, which should accompany our kraft box packaging quite nicely. 

To start my tags, I used the Stitched Tag die from TSM as the base, and attached a Made with Love tag, stamped up with these fabulous stripes. I like this design because the tag slides to reveal a list of all the cookies in the box! That way, the recipients can easily identify what's what.

On either side, I added a teensy sentiment using the Merry Mail set, and a little bit of embossing at the bottom with the Homemade stamp. At the top, I added a little bit of holly, a teensy heart, and a mini tag. These should be just what our packaging needs for a merry makeover!

 It's so fun to watch how our list grows each year as we make new friends, and also how our recipes change too. Some years we even get special requests! So far we've only settled on the fact that two of last year's recipes will be making a debut, and that in addition to sweets and  preserves, we will be making hot cocoa dipped spoons, and mulling spice sachets. We've yet to settle on the rest. Now that our Thanksgiving has passed, it will be just the perfect afternoon activity for the weekend.

Here's a peek at the spoons in progress...So fun heat-embossing these!

We'll soon start making the dips. They're so simple to make. Just a little bit of melted chocolate, a drop or two of flavoring (we love to use peppermint for dark chocolate, pumpkin spice for white, and caramel essence for milk chocolate), and a pour into each spoon. Sprinkle each with a little touch of sparkling sugar once almost set, and then let set up fully before wrapping. To use, simply stir in a cup of hot milk. They are yummy and adored by kiddos and adults alike!

Not entirely sure what we'll use the pink containers for, but they're too cute to leave out!  

Last but not least, a couple of cute snowflakes and some fun wreaths to adorn the packaging.

I'll be sure to share more in coming weeks as we put our packages together. 
Tell me - would you like the recipes too? I often share foodie things on Instagram, but I'd be happy to share here too. 

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  1. What sweet ideas! I love the wooden spoons and it would be fun to package up a hot chocolate bomb in that pink cup with the spoons. Unfortunately, no baked goods will be given from my house this year. I know people are being funny about what they will eat. Lovely tags too!

  2. I love pink and kraft together and your striped tags are simply darling! In fact... everything you've created for your neighbors is delightful. Any homes for sale in your neighborhood... I'm asking for a friend LOL!!


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