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Hello Friends!
It may be a speedy post, but I hope it infuses your day with a little bit of color :) 

Today is my hunny's Birthday and each year I struggle to make something that is sufficiently un-girly, but I fail miserably. Not for a lack of trying, either. This year is possibly the closest I've gotten to a gender neutral (and just plain happy!) design. With the help of a few shaker supplies from TSM. The shakers are so easy to pull together, which is always welcome in my craft room. 

For today's little make, I've combined the Shaker Tag die, along with the Hooray die-set, and heaps of fun confetti from the Shaker Frame dies.

Happy to say this one went over really well. So I'll be making more, just to have on hand.
I think it helps that there's an interactive element - I can hear him shake it every now and again!

Thanks for popping in!

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  1. I know he's shaking it, and smiling, Ivana - who wouldn't be?? I also impressed by the restraint you had LOL - even restrained, it's just as gorgeous as any other card your heart touches!
    Happy New Year, my friend! and Happy Birthday to your other half!

    1. Aw thank you friend! You always know how to make me smile :) He's just like a little kid! lol

  2. Happy Birthday wishes to your hubby! I've learned that guys like pink and other girly colors too, so you did just fine!

    1. Absolutely!! My hubby will take any color of the rainbow ;) Thank you so much, sweet friend! xo

  3. Belated happy birthday to your hubby! Mine has a Dec. BD, too! Don't think I've ever made a shaker tag, but you make me think I should, Ivana! This is fun & happy!


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